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Helping those in dire need is a strong desire for our organization. In addition to the one on one coaching we provide to our student subscribers, we work to develop community based mindfulness skills, yoga and meditation programs targeted to help various populations in our community.

These may include those in active substance abuse recovery, medical or surgical weight loss programs, among other rehabilitation programs in our prisons as well as age appropriate training in our school systems. We also strive to serve veterans, first responders, and others simply suffering from the intense stress of their job or family life requirements.




Educational Courses

We have developed several free online and in person courses teaching mindfulness meditation and practical core Buddhist Philosophy. We regularly schedule offerings of "Beginner's Introduction to Buddhism & Mindfulness Meditation 8 Week Course", in addition to development of Intermediate & Advanced Study Courses of Buddhism & Mindfulness Meditation. Space is limited so Pre-Registration is always required. Please contact us by email for information, follow us on facebook or sign up for our newsletter on this site for dates and future class offerings.

Corporate & Public Workshops

We offer one day Mindfulness Meditation Workshops/Seminars of various lengths available to the public and for presentation with corporate sponsorship. Check our calendar for dates and locations or contact us via email for information on corporate workshop options and fee structure. Also in development are workshops on Mindful Eating, Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Loss as well as live video conference workshops.

Group Meditation Meetups & Private Sessions

We hold regular online guided group meditation sessions and discussion for various meditative skill levels. Please check the calendar and facebook event page for details on times and links. Johnny & Roberta are available for private online video or telephone sessions if you have specific goals or would like more individualized attention. The content of the session is open & customizable. Whether it's meditation, conversation, guidance, or deeper exploration-the structure/content is up to the patron. Done through Google Meet, Zoom, Phone or other on a sliding fee scale of $50 - $100 based on what you can afford to pay (paid AFTER the session via PayPal) Contact us via Facebook messenger, email (admin@synchronicitycenter.org) or click HERE for more info and links to schedule. If you can't afford the $50+, ask about "in need" scholarships based on what you can afford.

Meditation Retreats

We plan to organize and hold meditation retreats of various lengths and specific to a range of skill levels. They may be held local to the Greenville, SC area or at other remote or nearby destinations. They will be based on different themes or teachings and range and incorporate guest speakers and teachers. We are exploring the possibility of incorporating mission work as well as an altruistic option for some retreats and locations. We would also like the retreats to be accessible to all that are interested and eventually build a scholarship fund to help enable those with financial difficulty to still be able to participate and enrich their practice.

Multi-Disciplinary Center

Our vision is to eventually be able to build a physical multi-disciplinary center that can accommodate retreats of various types and lengths with a selection of desired accommodations. In addition to the space for retreats, the center would serve to provide space for all of our other local programs targeting total health: Mind, Body & Spirit. Offerings including our educational classes, meditation groups, workshops, yoga & exercise classes, drop in meditation areas, special guest speaker events and integrative medicine consultations. (We would additionally like to offer childcare options during meditation sessions). The construction of this center will only be realized through generous donations, online student subscriptions and other funding we hope to one day secure.

Guided Meditation Recordings

Both Johnny and Roberta have written, produced and recorded several guided meditations intended for home use by students enrolled in their courses as well as other meditation practitioners and the general public.

The meditations are on various subjects utilizing different techniques and can be helpful to beginners and experienced meditators alike. These recorded tracks can be found for free on Sound Cloud as well as the free meditation app "Insight Timer" under their teaching profiles Johnny & Roberta.

Additionally, they are available to write and record custom meditations for both adults and children in order to assist with personalized goals of an individual.

Mindfulness for Children & Special Needs

As part of our community outreach efforts, we are interested in bringing Mindfulness and Meditation education into our schools at age appropriate levels. Teaching children mindfulness and meditation is one of the greatest gifts they can be given in this day and age. It teaches them skills and gives them tools they can utilize throughout their whole lives.

Additionally, we would like to develop special programs for children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and spectrum disorders. Mindfulness techniques can have the ability to assist children with these special needs by providing them with additional helpful coping mechanisms.

Please consider supporting the vision and mission of our organization by making a tax deductible donation.