Introduction to Practical Buddhism & Mindfulness Meditation (In Person 8 Week Course)

You are enrolled as a student in this 8 week in person class beginning 1/8/2023 beginning Sunday from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. The location is at Sobar Recovery Hub at 115 V W Court Anderson, SC (across from Fearless Tattoo Shop)

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Introduction to Practical Buddhism & Mindfulness Meditation (In Person 8 Week Course)


Have you ever had a desire to learn how to meditate? Or even just an interest in learning what all this recent “hype” around “Mindfulness” is about?

Have you ever had an interest in learning about the practical core, non-religious philosophy of Buddhism? Or aren’t even really sure you understand what Buddhism is?

Well here is your chance to learn answers to all of these questions and more!

In this FREE 8 week course, “Introduction to Practical Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation,”

You will be taught the basic philosophy of Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation practice.

You will be presented with simple and easy to use tools, that can help you to live a happier, more peaceful and content life. These tools will help you to deal more skillfully with stress, anxiety, anger, depression, grief, guilt, addictive behavior and fears that we all may or may not encounter in life, at one time or another.

We take ancient wisdom and teachings, and present them in an easy to understand way. We show you how they can be applied and integrated into our modern-day lifestyles.

You DON’T have to be a Buddhist to attend and gain benefit from the practical and philosophical teachings that we help you to understand. We welcome people of ALL backgrounds faiths, Non-Faiths, belief systems and walks of life. Just have an interest and willingness to learn.

Take some time for YOU.

“Do not try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist; use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are.” – Dalai Lama

This course was developed and is led by husband and wife, certified mindfulness meditation teachers and registered Yoga teachers, Johnny and Roberta Shaughnessy who are co-founders of Synchronicity Center: A School for Modern Mindfulness & Awakening.

We will meet Sunday’s from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm beginning 01/08/2023 for 8 consecutive weeks at business location in Anderson, SC.

Pre-Registration is required, as space is limited. You will receive details on event location upon successful registration. Feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have.

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