Roberta Shaughnessy, RN, C-MMT, RYT


Roberta Shaughnessy moved from Massachusetts to Greenville, South Carolina in 2007 with her husband, Johnny, young daughter and newborn son. She had been working as an RN at Boston Medical Center while Johnny finished the last years of his Doctor of Pharmacy program.

In Greenville, she pursued the role of a stay at home mother to her new family, and performed volunteer work for local children's charities, eventually forming her own Nonprofit organization Fireball Society, Inc. in 2010.

Over the next several years, many changes occurred.

She and her husband experienced a huge physical transformation, losing over 285 lbs combined, after undergoing bariatric procedures together in 2012.

She would continue to maintain her weight loss, making fitness and wellness a distinct and continuous priority in her life.

Between the years of 2011 and 2019, her beautiful and loving family grew significantly as she and her husband brought 5 additional beautiful children into this world.

Their large family now boasts 4 boys and 3 girls for a total of 7 wonderful kids. She continues to maintain her role as a very busy stay at home mother and household manager.

Over the years, alongside her husband, they endured many life experiences, including some difficult hardships and struggles. These experiences inspired them to foster an interest in Eastern Philosophies (particularly Buddhism), meditation and yoga practice.

Initially, their practice grew through intensive self study. until they "synchronistically" encountered the work and teachings of author, teacher and Lay Buddhist Minister Noah Rasheta.

In 2017 she and Johnny obtained their Teaching Certification for Mindfulness Meditation and the Instruction of Core Buddhist Philosophy through the Foundation for Mindful Living.

They did so, after in depth study under the personal guidance and leadership of Noah, as part of his teaching program.

They additionally completed the Princeton University course, "Buddhism and Modern Psychology" taught by renowned author Robert Wright. This contributed to their knowledge and understanding of how to apply Buddhist Philosophy and their teachings to modern day times.

They became involved as part of the local Sangha at Carolina Buddhist Vihara, participating voluntarily in leadership of guided group meditations as well as assisting with instruction in the monthly children's Dhamma class.

After forming a local online facebook group, "Secular Buddhism in Greenville," and identifying a need in their community, they decided to formalize their teachings and developed their first free 8 week course, "Introduction to Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation." They implemented the course with great interest and success with the Vihara being a gracious host.

They further began to hold intermediate level group meditations and planned for additional courses and workshops.

This inspired them to expand their offerings to meet the needs and requests of their public audience, and enable their ability to do more for the community.

They officially changed the mission and name of their nonprofit organization to align with these new needs and interests, and developed plans for additional programs and offerings to the community under their newly reformed organization, SYNCHRONiCITY CENTER, Inc.

With the changing global climate after the Pandemic in 2020, they worked to move their teachings to a virtual Platform utilizing various resources such as Google Classroom, Zoom and leading regularly scheduled Live events on the free meditation app InsightTimer.

Also during this time of quarantine, Roberta delved deep into her yogic studies and obtained her first RYT200 Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Certification through a school based in Rishikesh, India. She is now a registered member of Yoga Alliance and will soon be certified as RYT500.

During Roberta's spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, nature, hiking, backpacking, camping, boating, yoga, fitness, and creating art in various mediums.

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