Our Guided Meditations

Our founding teacher's guided meditations can be used by anyone, and many follow the themes of particular classes we cover during some of our courses.They can be found on the free meditation App "Insight Timer" under Roberta and John's individual teaching profiles.
We hope you find them useful in your practice!

Beginner's Guided Breath Meditation

Beginners guided breath meditation focusing on mindfulness of the breath, body and mind. Being mindful of the breath is a great starting point for cultivating a meditation practice. This track sets the foundation for your journey to mindfulness. (*Voice sound and music volume levels have been adjusted due to feedback) Includes background music track by Cousin Silas used with creative commons license.…pes-3-4-summer-fall

A Meditative Journey Into Emptiness

A meditation beginning with mindfulness of the breath, body and mind. After established concentration, using visualization, you embark on a journey giving the practitioner an experiential understanding of the Buddhist concept of "emptiness." This practice can help to ease fears and anxiety by learning to drop labels and preconceived notions of all that we encounter in life. Background music by Cousin Silas CC

Loving Kindness Meditation Practice (Metta)

This loving kindness meditation focuses on cultivating feelings of warmth & love, directing them to yourself & all of those around you. We begin with mindfulness of the breath, body & mind & lead into guided Metta practice. There is special focus on those you may have difficulty with, as well as forgiving yourself & helping to release anger. Practice brings an overall sense of peace, calmness & cultivation of compassion. Background music: Cousin Silas

Meditation for Stress Release, Relaxation and Deep Sleep

A relaxing, sleep inducing meditation utilizing visualization of a blue light. You are guided through a detailed scan of the body and mind, relaxing each aspect and reducing built up stress, allowing yourself readiness to enter a deep, restful and healing sleep. Background track CC Cousin SIlas

The Empty Room Contemplation on Death and Impermanence

This is a very powerful practice. It begins with mindfulness of the breath, body & mind and leads into a contemplation on the nature of impermanence and the certainty of death arriving at any "ordinary moment." Using visualization of all that you know and love disappearing through an empty room, this contemplation brings an experiential awareness of the concept of emptiness. It then returns full circle to reinforce a renewed sense of appreciation for being alive with everything just as it is, as each moment you are alive is in fact an "extraordinary moment."

Background music by Cousin Silas and Kevin Buckland CC license…d-spaces/on-walking (Time Passes, Abandoned Beauty & After All)

Guided Meditation on Interdependence

A deep practice on interdependence using mindfulness of the breath. This practice brings awareness and realization of the interdependent nature of our existence and all things. It helps to provide a mindful connection to our universe and your sense of being. Cultivating gratitude for yourself and the entire world around you. Background music uses CC license Dronescape 34 by Cousin Silas.

River of Consciousness - Guided Contemplation on Impermanence

This contemplation on impermanence begins with mindfulness of the breath. It then uses detailed imagery of a river & poses questions for contemplation. This practice brings about an experiential understanding of the impermanence of all things. It allows for a renewed sense of appreciation for life. It also brings the practitioner an understanding of releasing attachments in order to alleviate suffering related to loss. Background Music by Cousin Silas

Mindful Breastfeeding Practice

A wonderful opportunity to turn breastfeeding your child into a meditative practice. Using mindfulness of the breath and an open awareness of bodily sensations and sensory perceptions, this meditation will nurture a deep connection and bond with your child. It will also help to cultivate conscious relaxation, peaceful serenity and a release of stress within your body. This in turn will help to do the same for your baby during your time together. Background music by Cousin Silas CC

Deep Body Scan

A very detailed deep body scan developing mindfulness and balance of the body, breath and mind. Practice will help to develop a sense of calm, connection and appreciation of this miraculous machine we are all contained in, as well as a release of attachment to any one part of the body. Background music track by Cousin Silas - Liminal Drone 4 - Fall used first 17 mins with Creative Commons license…pes-3-4-summer-fall

Modern Meditation on Karma (Kamma) & Rebirth

A guided practice, beginning with progressive relaxation, grounding & attention to the breath. This is followed by an exploration into a modern interpretation of the Buddhist concepts of Kamma (Karma) & Rebirth. One is guided into an experiential contemplation of these often widely misunderstood concepts from a secular perspective. This helps lead the listener to a deeper understanding of causes, conditions, conscious action, practical application to daily life & a deeper meditation practice. Background music "Our Peaceful Ocean" by Music of Wisdom, Licensed by

Beginner's Practice Sitting in Stillness

Sitting still may be one of the biggest challenges for a novice meditator. This meditation will focus on grounding yourself through attention to posture, stillness, and mindfulness of body and mind. We further develop our introspective awareness through single-pointed concentration on the breath.

The Lake Meditation: For Tension Release and Relaxation

This beautiful visualization meditation is intended to help ease tension, anxiety, and a racing mind. Utilizing focus on the breath and imagery of a serene mountain lake, the listener is guided into a state of calmness, safety, and relaxation. The meditator is provided the tools to return to this place in their mind, upon encountering stressful situations in their day-to-day life. Background Music, "Our Peaceful Ocean" by Music of Wisdom